Customs Processing time delay!

To the attention of our customers: Due to the export intensity experienced in the origin country, the customs procedure time is getting longer.Therefore, the shipping time (it takes normally 1-3 days) of your orders will take a litt...

Attention to customers from UK

Attention to customers from UK; Due to precautions takes by UK Customs administration against the recent mutation of Coronavirus, UK customs are closed for posts from abroad.That’s why we have to stop shipping to UK until a further ...

Covid-19 Shipping Information!

Announcement to whole HRT family; ***All delivery periods during Covid-19 pandemic are not subject to regular international delivery times we declared. All shipments are delivered with delays during this period. Tracking s...

Attention to UK Customers

Attention to UK customers; An information mail is posted to some customers as a result of detailed control at borders because of Covid-19. Some of the shipments are kept on hold at the UK customs because of this.
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